February half term 2014 we visited the Gower again, staying at St Madoc's Christian Centre. Training on sand dunes with some night orienteering thrown in. This year some members of the South Central Squad joined us. We spent Tuesday 18th Feb on Oxwich Burroughs practising reading contours . That evening we planned the exercises for the following day on Broughton Burroughs. Wednesday saw the athletes putting out their own controls for the exercises they had planned for each other. That was followed by some fun Olympics in the Sand Dunes and a night sprint relay around St Madocs in the rain. Iain then headed out to put the controls out for the following days race. The morning of the 20th February saw us walk to Whiteford for a race.

Thanks to Iain for outstanding coaching, SBOC for their generosity in permissioning the areas and allowing us access, St Madoc CYC for yet again accommodating us and providing bed and board for the time we were there.

At St Madocs in 2013

On Broughton Sands 2013