Peter Palmer Relays

The Peter Palmer Relays is an annual junior competition held overnight and in the dawn. Olivia, Fraser, Jonah and Adam teamed up to take part in the daybreak relay.

Olivia writes-

On the 11th of September me, Fraser, Jonah and Adam, competed in the Peter Palmer junior relays at Sutton Park. We were in the daybreak relay, which began at 6am. On the 10th we arrived at Wyndley leisure centre where we stayed overnight. Fraser and I arrived at around 8:25pm. There was a football match going on, so we met up with Adam and Jonah and went to join in. We looked around the leisure centre and found a parkour room, so we played there for a bit, after that we went to bed at 10:30pm.

At 5:15am me and Jonah were woken up to get ready. Jonah was our first leg at 6:05am starting 5 minutes later than intended due to the darkness and low visibility through the fog. Jonah ran a long orange (4.9km) in 45minutes. I was second leg, running an orange, by this time the visibility had cleared up and the sun was coming up. The run went well and felt a lot easier after doing light greens. The fog was still quite dense in the valleys, but it thinned out higher up. I then handed over to Fraser who was running a yellow course, completed in 18minutes. It was then handed over to Adam who was also running a long orange. We finished in 4th place out of 5 teams. Overall, it went very well, and we all had good runs with a good result!