West Midlands Junior Orienteering Squad (WMJS) Constitution


WMJS is the body through which the West Midlands Orienteering Association (WMOA) exercises its role and responsibilities for Junior Orienteering within the West Midlands Region. WMJS shall be bound by the WMOA Constitution, except in respect of the specific issues defined in this document.


Responsibility for WMJS has been delegated to the Lead Squad Coach. However to support him/her, the management of WMJS shall be conducted by a Sub-Committee of the WMOA made up of a Squad Co-ordinator , the WMOA Treasurer and two WMJS committee members whose children are current members of the junior squad. One of the WMJS committee members shall act as Secretary and one as Treasurer. All members of the WMJS Committee shall be full members of the British Orienteering Federation. Management decisions shall be decided by a simple majority of WMJS Committee members, who may vote either in person or by e-mail. The secretary shall advise Committee members of matters requiring formal decision making, giving at least 15 days’ notice.

The WMJS Committee may delegate the day to day running of WMJS, including the planning and implementation of the annual programme, to the Squad Co-ordinator.

All activities of WMJS will be conducted under WMOA rules (and by implication those of BOF). In addition the Sport England Clubmark Codes of Conduct, (where these do not clash with the WMOA/BOF rules) in respect of Club Officials and Volunteers, parents/carers, consent forms, guidelines for dealing with incidents/accidents and Junior Club rules shall be followed at all WMJS functions. Responsibility for maintaining these standards is delegated to the Squad Co-ordinator, or the lead coach on WMJS activities.


WMJS shall have its own funding and maintain its own set of accounts independent of WMOA. Funds will be raised by grants from WMOA, from WMJS fund-raising activities, and from external grants. The WMOA Treasurer will propose any changes to the current amount of the annual grant paid to WMJS at the WMOA AGM. All cheques written against WMJS funds shall be signed by any one of the four signatories. Any electronic payments may be made by any one of the signatories. The financial year shall be the same as that of the WMOA.

Annual General Meeting

This shall be held at the WMOA AGM, in accordance with its constitution. The WMOA or WMJS Treasurer shall present to the AGM the WMJS accounts for approval. The Squad Co-ordinator shall provide a report of the previous year's activities and a proposed schedule of activities for the following year. The WMOA secretary shall provide the WMJS committee with 30 days’ notice of the date of the WMOA AGM.


Membership shall be open to all junior members of WMOA member clubs of an appropriate technical standard.

Constitution Changes

Where changes do not affect the relationship between WMOA and WMJS, changes require a simple majority of WMJS Committee members' votes on changes. Otherwise changes need to be agreed by WMOA and need to be advised to the WMOA Committee with a minimum of 30 days’ notice at the WMOA AGM, or 60 days’ notice at an Extraordinary General meeting of WMOA.


If the WMJS Committee decides at any time that it is necessary to dissolve WMJS, it should recommend this to WMOA on the basis of a simple majority of votes. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of the proper debts and liabilities of WMJS shall revert to WMOA.