Training on Hartshill Hayes

Training on Cannock Chase

What does the squad do ?

We aim to hold training sessions (single days and full weekends) once a month. Sometimes these will be aimed at different age categories from within the squad. These provide members with an opportunity to mix with other orienteers their own age and develop their orienteering skills. The training is designed to improve everyone to the highest possible standard and prepare them for international competition with the GB Squad in the future. If we are away for the weekend then in the evenings there is time for games and social activities and everybody helps prepare the meal. Activities are also organised to develop map skills or analyse routes from recent events. Each year the squad sends a team to compete at the Junior Inter Regional Championships. This is a weekend away with the squad where we compete against all the other UK squads in both an individual and a relay race. The team consists of up to 24 orienteers (12 boys and 12 girls) so there is a good chance of being selected. We also take 15/16 year olds to a training weekend held by the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads in the Lake District. We aim to take as many as possbile, however places are limited and if we have too many of the appropriate age then they will be selected subject to their commitment to both the squad and orienteering events and their performance.

How do I join?

The squad is always keen for new members. Please contact the squad using the email address wmjsquad at gmail.com if you are both a West Midlands Orienteering Club member and a second year M / W 12 through to M / W 18. To qualify you will be committed to the sport and be regularly attending West Midlands League events, which is important as the Colour Coded Badge scheme is used for selection into the West Midlands Junior Squad.

If M / W 12 then you should have as a minimum Orange standard and have completed some Light Green courses successfully. M /W 14's and above will be regularly competing on Light Green courses and be in the process of attaining their Light Green badge.

If you are prepared to make this commitment to join then you become eligible to buy a squad O top. You are expected to attend most training sessions and to continue to compete regularly at West Midlands League events.

The onus is on you or your parents to contact the Squad if you feel you fit the criteria.

If you stop competing regularly at League level or above you will be removed from the squad.

Membership of the squad and regular attendance allows access to the Junior Regional Orienteering Squad tours, British Orienteering Summer tour and the British Orienteering talent squad.

We regularly have three or four members on tour and have members who run in international teams e.g. World Schools (WSCO), Interland, Junior Home International (JHI), European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC), Junior European Cup (JEC), Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC).

WMJS Code of Conduct

Every squad member is expected:

  • To have a positive attitude towards training.

  • To conduct themselves with a helpful approach to squad weekends.

  • To support squad activities.

  • To respect the rights, dignity and worth of others involved regardless of ability.

  • To respect the spirit of fairness in orienteering. This is more than participating within the rules - it also incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always participating with the right spirit.

  • To respect the rights, dignity and worth of others when posting photographs and comments on public websites.

  • To abide by squad rules and undertake to obey the rules and instructions of the squad coaches and co-ordinator.

  • To reply to all emails from the co-ordinator promptly.

Should an individual's conduct be consistently poor or any single event deemed severe then that individual will be warned and potentially cautioned.

If cautioned more than once the individual will be asked to leave the squad.


Anyone who consistently fails to respond to emails for a 6 month period will be removed and it will be assumed that they are not interested in competing at Regional level and above.

Squad Kit is available from Mel Elkington

O Tops are £25

Jackets are £25 (Old Style £15)

Red ladies small cagoules £15

Black Waterproof trousers £15

Current squad top (front view)

Current squad top (back view)

Older O top

Black warm jacket

Red running jacket