January 28th 
Training Hartshill Hayes
Feb 17th /18th 
Training with SHUOC M/W16s 
March 4th
Training Bentley Woods -CANCELLED 
March 25th
 Training Cannock Chase ( Limited numbers & to be permissioned)
April 2nd to 5th 
Post JK training with Welsh Squad in Lakes (Full)
April 28th 
Training on Cademan & Grace Dieu ( LEI area)
June 17th
training after Stanton Moor event
September 29/30th  
Junior Inter regional Championships .East Midlands Area
November 30th to 2nd December
Lake District training for 16's who have regularly attended squad training sessions & are using the skills gained to compete are National Level


28/29 September  2019 JIRCS YHOA

22/23/24th November Hawskhead training for M/W16's tbc